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  1. Heart Rate Monitor by New Image
    RRP €47.99
    SAVE 27%

    Train smart with the go-to solution for getting the best from every workout!

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  2. RevivaGun Massage & Recovery Gun by New Image
    RRP €91.99
    SAVE 50%

    Relieve muscle soreness quickly and effectively with RevivaGun, the 6-in-1, 5-speed massage gun.

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  3. VibroLegs Foot and Leg Massager
    RRP €137.99
    SAVE 33%

    VibroLegs combines the invigorating power of vibration, oscillation and acupressure to soothe, relax and massage your feet and legs.

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  4. VibroLegs Elliptical – Motorised Seated Elliptical Trainer

    The motorised elliptical machine that strengthens, tones and burns calories while you sit!

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  5. New Image Exercise Mat
    RRP €11.99
    SAVE 20%

    Premium, non-slip fitness mat.

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  6. Foam Yoga Blocks by New Image – 2-Pack
    RRP €17.99
    SAVE 13%

    Improve your technique and increase stability during yoga poses.

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  7. Loop Resistance Band Set by New Image – 3-Pack

    Build strength, sculpt toned muscle and improve your mobility and flexibility wherever you are.

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  8. Ankle Weights (2 x 1kg) by New Image
    As low as €6.99
    RRP €14.99
    SAVE 54%

    Get your legs working and burn more calories!

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8 Items

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