PreHeels Blister Prevention Spray

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Protect your feet from shoe friction, redness and soreness with just one spray of PreHeels!

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Fresh from America, PreHeels is your solution to make pretty painful shoes just pretty!

The invisible, flexible, durable, and breathable barrier stops your shoes from rubbing against your feet, preventing soreness after a night of dancing or a long commute.

PreHeels is ready when you are. It’s fast-drying and can be applied to any part of your foot. Protect your ankles when you wear those strappy heels, or shield the top of your feet when you’re wearing summer sandals. You can even protect your entire foot from a pair of walking boots or trainers!

No-one should suffer from redness and friction when wearing their shoes. PreHeels is clear so it’s suitable for all skin tones - no more unsightly plasters!

PreHeels comes in two handy sizes. Keep the 2.5oz spray at home so your feet are protected every time you go out the front door with up to sixty applications per can. Keep the 1.5oz spray in your handbag for up to thirty on the go top ups. PreHeels is so fast-drying and easy to apply, or reapply, you can simply spray another layer wherever you are. Whether you’re out on a long day of travelling to meetings, running around the park with the kids or having a girly shopping day with friends you can top-up your PreHeels protection in seconds!

Fall back in love with your shoes! If you have a fabulous pair of shoes you love, but hate to wear because you get sore, irritated and red feet, make pretty painful just pretty with PreHeels!

  • Simply spray it onto the part of your foot that your shoes normally make sore, and PreHeels will quickly dry, leaving you with a flexible, durable and breathable barrier to protect your feet from your shoes.
  • PreHeels isn’t just for killer heels! Do your trainers rub on a long run? Do you have sandals you love to wear in summer, but just can’t bear the friction? You might even have a sports bra that leaves you irritated. With PreHeels, you can simply spray and get on with your day.
  • With two handy sizes available, you can keep the large PreHeels at home and take the handbag friendly size with you so you’re always protected! Each PreHeels is long-lasting, too. You can get up to 60 applications out of the 2.5oz PreHeels and up to 30 out of the 1.5oz PreHeels.
  • PreHeels is a strong, durable barrier when you want to protect your feet, but it’s also easy to remove with soap and water.
  • The award-winning PreHeels is hypoallergenic, so everyone can fall back in love with the shoes they hated to wear because they left your feet sore!

This product is covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Terms & Conditions Apply).

  • PreHeels -  2.5oz + FREE 1.5oz £12.99 (Worth €16.99)